The Cambria at Encinitas Ranch HOA has requested the following terms from the City of Encinitas relating to the use of lights at Leo Mullen Park

(The Soccer Club supports them too!)


1. Install a wall of trees on the south side of the soccer field (between baseball field and soccer field) to act as a shield to block glare/light spill towards the Cambria homes to the south and south west.

2. Install gates on the public access points to Cambria to prevent public parking in our development.

3. Restrict light usage to September-March, until 9pm Monday-Fridays and until 6pm Saturdays.   (No Sunday usage)

4. Modify parking and crossing rules on Via Cantebria by the fields to reduce danger to pedestrians/children.

5. Take appropriate steps to prevent the baseball field from ever having field lighting. (this field is less than 80' from Cambria homes)